The Woman Designer

"In the beginning there was Chaos.
And Chaos was searching for its form".

The Angel was named Necessity. He had received again the command; according to his inanimate Superior, he had to build a new world from nothing. Yet one more sparkling jewel would be added to the array of beautiful worlds that were transcending the Emptiness. The only missing ingredient was the seed, the fundamental matter: The Infinite Thought. Thus the Angel who was named Necessity did what he was always doing. He became a vibration and entered the world of sensation.

He chose a small but colorful world and wandered across all boundaries, penetrating people’s thoughts. Somewhere he would find the individual with the Infinite Thought. It would be humble and silent. It would not know that it possesses this power. Yet the Angel named Necessity would recognize it immediately. Because around it there would be the curve. The Angel read many thoughts, some mild, some troubled, others complex, silly, hostile and sterile. But the curve was nowhere to be seen. The Angel named Necessity would not give up, he knew he would find the curve, eventually. .

Nadia rubbed her incapacitated leg and rested it on the sofa. Today was a difficult day. She was forced to hobble to public services to get back the money she had prepaid for her dentist. She accepted silently the curious staring of others; she pretended to tolerate the officers who were sending her from one office to the next. As usual, she was finding it difficult to understand what she was asked to do and even worse, she could not express clearly her own questions. As she was wondering through a labyrinth of dust covered corridors, she had no doubt that she was being seen with pity and contempt, because she could not understand where to go to get her money back. Exhausted as she was, with her leg almost paralyzed, she sighed with relief when the money was in her bag. Again she was here, inside the protected cocoon formed by the walls of her flat. She lay on the sofa and closed her eyes. She would need a little while to recover from today’s hardship. She didn’t feel better until late in the afternoon. She ate casually and turned on the TV. Familiar electronic faces entered her space and locked her attention with their illusionary motions.

At midnight she went to bed. Her thoughts first wandered around the factual surroundings, until eventually with one leap – like the ones she used to take as a child- she entered the world of Possibilities and started her favorite stroll. Today, due to the traumatic intensity of the hardships in the public services, the Possibilities gave constructs without much light. Dark worlds without a sun appeared from nowhere, underground cities, naked rocky mountains, where it would rain endlessly, deserted islands in the middle of a huge ocean, ancient ruins, which with the reversal of time, came back to life and froze in an eternal moment.

But no construct could be completed tonight. Nadia was spinning nervously under her bedcovers. For a short moment she remained static facing up to the ceiling, with her eyes wide open in the darkness, retiring her thoughts from the Possibilities. The feeling of void neutralized her existence; she would neither feel good or bad. In this state she spent a little while immersed into the inactivity of her mind. Subsequently she turned to one side and sent her thought again towards the Possibilities. A rock with a small house surfaced from the sea. Wild stormy wind was sweeping the confined space making the doors crackle. The sky was loaded with heavy clouds and it was almost dark. Nadia looked through the window and saw the violent waves. She remained in that position for a long time until she felt her eyes heavy and fell asleep.

The walls around her were constantly bent. Nadia was sleeping inside an invisible curve. That night, the Angel named Necessity, passed from her whereabouts. Here, like everywhere else, the world of sensations was closed, impenetrably sealed, hermetically insulated from all other dimensions, with steel boundaries and with the walls absolutely vertical. However, somewhere near his far sight, he recognized a little curvature on the walls. He walked there and stood outside of Nadia’s house. He identified the curve and the Infinite Thought resting inside it.
The Angel named Necessity will use the Infinite Thought in order to create a new world.

Keti Vasilakou
“The fourth clone”
Αίολος editions, 2011
(in greek).

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