Science fiction story: "Beyond the Wall"

(The first part of the story).

The guy with the wings came to me and said:

-You molest the Wall.

-This is true, I replied, but what else can I do now?

-You can do several things. Do what the others do.

-I don’t want to have a family. Ι have already cleared it up.

-You can read books. Why have you abandoned this very gentle human habit?

-Because, I said, this very gentle human habit brought me in front of the Wall.

-There are also many other things to do. You can listen to music, for example. You liked it in the past.

-You are right. But now I have arrived at the Wall and music has no meaning any more.

-You liked also to study languages.

-Languages are games of sound as well. Now that I am standing in front of the Wall, they provoke to me unsupportable echo.

-Anyway, there are many things to do instead of molesting the Wall. You see how much busy the other people are. You also must do something.

-No, I said. All these people are away from the Wall and they can play with the toys that you gave them. On the other hand, I do several things as well. I sleep, I eat, I drink, I smoke and I also breathe.

-Yes. But you molest the Wall.

-I am not to be blamed. The Wall stands here and impedes me. I didn’t put it in front of me.

-Listen to me, he said. Leave the Wall and turn back. Make the inverse trip. You can fall in love again, you can make plans for the future or travel all over the world and in general you can live new experiences. You have this possibility. Why do you reject it?

-I don’t play the game of your boss, I said angry.

-You may then look at the Wall. But don’t molest it.

-Why not, if your boss gave me this possibility?

-Because you don’t know how to use it. You will be in great danger, you fool! He said threatening me.

(The man disobeys the order. He doesn’t stop molesting the Wall, although he suspects what is going to happen.)

Keti Vasilakou
From the collection "Οι πόρτες" (The doors)

Iolkos editions, 2010
(In greek).

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