Science fiction story: "The woman who had stars in her voice"

A lonely man falls in love with a woman who comes to live near his house. The woman never comes out of the house, so he doesn't see her. But he listens to her song. Every night she sings a strange song in the dark and little stars escape from the house and travel to the sky. The man is fascinated by this miracle and especially by the voice of the woman, a voice almost magic.

Day after day he loses his mind. He desperately wants to meet that mysterious woman, but he has not the courage to knock her door. One night, after some months, the woman appears in her garden. He can’t see her face, because the night is very dark. She makes a sign toward him inviting him to the garden. Almost like in a dream the man goes to meet her.

There he will have a strange, strong experience of lust that will change his entire life.

Keti Vasilakou.
From the collection "The fourth clone"
Αίολος editions 2011, Greece
(In greek).

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